First time here? You'll find the Red Barn a warm, easy-going environment to explore ways to improve your health and help you feel better!

*All classes held at Red Barn Wellness, 940 Main St., Suite 2, Great Barrington, MA {behind BensDotter's Pet, ~.5 mile south of Guido's, across the street from The Bistro Box}.

For the summer, weekend classes begin at 9am + new morning class, 8:15am on Tuesday's.

Beginners are welcome in any class

*Limited mats available to borrow. Mats also available for purchase.

*Those with mobility issues, injuries, or illness are welcome in all classes. We recommend coming to the slower classes first: Gentle Yoga for Health or Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra.

Please allow ~15 minutes before class to check in and let the teacher know any issues. If you would like to discuss your issues in greater detail, contact Emily {email & phone at bottom of page} for a free Breakthrough Session where we'll take about 30 minutes to discuss your health concerns and goals, plus get any questions you may have answered.

What to do next:

Arrive ~10 minutes before class to sign up

Wear comfortable clothing you can move in easily.

If possible, try not to eat for a few hours before class.

Please avoid wearing any strong scents like perfume, essential oils or even laundry detergent/softener, as we do A LOT of breathing :).


Yoga for Health

Keep the body & mind strong with this balanced yoga class to support optimal health. Includes breath-work, joint-freeing movements, strength-building, gentle stretches for flexibility, and meditation. Taught by Emily Pearl Alfano

Gentle Yoga for Health

A slower, gentler version of the Yoga for Health class. Includes breath-work, joint-freeing movements, strength-building, gentle stretches for flexibility and meditation. Taught by Emily Pearl Alfano

Gentle Yoga + Back Care

A slow and gentle class to support optimal health. Includes restorative poses using props and cushions to reduce stress, improve flexibility and restructure the body. Extra care taken to support back issues. Taught by Emily Pearl Alfano

Beginners Yoga & Meditation

A yoga foundations class to learn the basic yoga postures, get the circulation moving, stretch the body, improve mobility and release any stiffness from the day. Followed by a short meditation. Taught by Jody Potter or Emily Pearl Alfano

Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra

Gentle, relaxing and rejuvenating Yin-Restorative practice performed with props to gently improve flexibility and restructure the body, reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, improve mind function and aid in weight loss. Class closes with a guided Yoga Nidra meditation, a technique that affects waking consciousness- potentially aiding in reduction of stress, insomnia, anxiety, fear, anger, addiction & chronic pain- through altering unconscious patterns from a state of relaxed attention. Taught by Emily Pearl Alfano

Everyday Core Strength

Every Day Core Strength is a class that will improve your core strength by bringing awareness to the variety of ways we can move our bodies through space (like when we walk up the stairs, or run for the bus, or pick up a kid and hoist her to our hip!) Feeling strong and resilient in our everyday movements is how we maintain our health and avoid repetitive stress injuries. The class will use basic bodyweight movements that we do every day - squatting, lunging, reaching, pulling, stepping, etc. -  and teach you how to consciously use your core musculature to support your body and breath as you move. Taught by Katherine Simmons

Train Your Brain

Train Your Brain is a playful class that will bring out the kid in you. Gain confidence in your daily movements (walking, reaching, stepping, squatting) by training your balance, coordination, reflexes and flexibility in a state of highly focused but relaxed attention. Taught by Katherine Simmons

This class combines meditation and relaxation with gentle, mindful movement, and creative, fun exercises that will help improve balance, coordination, vision, and mental focus.

Each class will include one or more of the following:
A basic Qigong sequence that balances organ systems in the body (the 8 Brocades)
Foundations for establishing your own meditation practice
A throwing-and-catching sequence that can be practiced anywhere to help keep your hand-eye coordination sharp
How to bring awareness to your gait and other fundamental movement patterns so as to avoid repetitive stress injuries
The best foods to fuel your brain (and which ones to avoid!)
At-home video exercises and nutritional recommendations to keep your brain healthy and sharp.


Drop-in Class or any Train Your Brain Class - $15

Package of 5 Classes - $65, $13/class*

Package of 10 Classes - $100, $10/class*

Monthly Membership {unlimited classes} - $108/month

*Packages expire after 6 months

Cash/Checks & Credit Cards are accepted at the Red Barn

NOTE: No one is turned away for lack of funds. Please contact me to work out an arrangement.


Call us at 413.591.8538 or email
Located at 940 South Main St., Suite 2, Great Barrington, MA.

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