Beginners are welcome in any class
Limited mats available to borrow. Mats also available for purchase.

Those with mobility issues, injuries, or illness are welcome in all classes. If you're new to yoga, we recommend making your first class Gentle Yoga for Health, Gentle Yoga + Back Care, or Gentle Yoga + Meditation.

Please allow ~15 minutes before class to check in and let the teacher know any issues. If you would like to discuss your issues in greater detail, contact Emily for a Complimentary Consultation where we'll take about 30 minutes to discuss your health concerns and goals, plus get any questions you may have answered.

What to do next:

  • Arrive ~10 minutes before class to sign up
  • Wear comfortable clothing you can move in easily.
  • If possible, try not to eat for a few hours before class.
  • Please avoid wearing any strong scents like perfume, essential oils or even laundry detergent/softener, as we do A LOT of breathing :).