Why Yoga?

Well, did you know that yoga is an ancient science designed to keep the body, mind & spirit functioning optimally while we age? It's a brilliant & time-tested {over thousands of years} approach to health & wellness!

Yoga is an ideal option to aid healing, whether it be injuries of the body or mind. In the ancient practice of yoga, we use the mind, movement and breath to empower ourselves into a state of health. You truly take responsibility for your own health and learn how to listen to and rejuvenate your own body.

Some even say practicing yoga is like aging in reverse!

A recent study in the Huffington Post compiled the research findings of over 12 universities and health research centers. Their findings demonstrated the amazing ways that yoga transforms your body:

After class-

Improved Brain Function

Lower Stress Levels

Alter Gene Expression

Increased Flexibility

After a few month-

Improved Sense of Balance

Lower Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetics

Relief form Chronic Back Pain

Anxiety Relief

Reduced Chronic Neck Pain

Improved Sexual Function

Improved Lung Capacity

Lower Blood Pressure

After years

Stronger Bones

Healthy Weight

Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Yoga also enhances strength, confidence and energy. And remember, yoga can be done at any age!

What about Meditation?

Meditation is a vital part of any yoga practice. Studies have found meditation to help the mind stay sharp as we age, lower blood pressure, and help those suffering with depression, anxiety or PTSD. Check below for some great articles on the benefits of meditation.

And Breathing?

The breath is really what yoga is all about. Unfortunately, most of us are breathing in a very limited way. Often we breathe quite shallow or even hold our breath. Learning to utilize our body as the incredible oxygen uptake device it was designed to be means we'll feel better, have more energy, and be healthier.

Learning how to breathe is the most powerful skill you can have to increase overall health and vitality. Many illnesses can be prevented or even reversed through simply breathing properly.

Breath-training is included in every class at the Red Barn. You'll learn how to get the most out of your breath and, in turn, increase your energy, heighten your mood, and much more!

Change your body, change your mind

Science is only just beginning to understand the depth of the powers of our mind. We are learning how our perspectives shape the quality of our lives & how our beliefs affect our reality.

Our own ability to manifest the life of our dreams is far more plausible than we've been led to believe...

As the Buddha said, "It is your mind that creates the world."


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