Integrated yoga therapy sessions provide a completely personalized approach to healing and health using the ancient science of Yoga, nutrition & health coaching, and the BioMat.

Emily has advanced training in Therapeutic Yoga and Healer's Yoga to generate optimal health through balancing the biological processes and energies of the body. She is also trained in condition-specific yoga therapy and has experience working with the following:



Arthritis {Rheumatoid & Osteoarthritis}


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Breathing disorders

Back disorders

Brain injuries

Cancer & recovery


Chronic pain


Diabetes or hypoglycemia

Eating disorders/Body dysmorphia

Heart disease

Knee issues

Lyme Disease

Menopausal disorders




Shoulder & Wrist issues

Sleep disorders



Thyroid problems


and more…

Our sessions will be designed to reduce your symptoms and provide you with useful tools to generate health in your unique body, mind, & spirit.

Don't live in western Massachusetts? Don't worry. I have worked with many yoga therapy clients over Skype, and you will receive the same quality experience.

Initial Intake Session:

This 1.5hr session will include a complete health history, discussion of your issues, goals for your health, and a postural & movement assessment. This information will provide the basis for Emily’s strategic action plan for your health. You will receive a summary and detailed action plan for your goals. Informational handouts are included.

Investment- $108 / 90 minute intake session

Follow-up Sessions:

These sessions are 1.25 hours. Sessions are conducted holistically and may include any combination of mindfulness training, conscious breathing techniques, yoga poses, meditation practices, and health coaching- all individually tailored to your unique needs. You will receive summaries of our sessions, handouts, and be given simple assignments for your specific goals. A BioMat session may be added after the yoga therapy for an additional $10.

Investment- $90 / 75 minute follow-up session

Contact me to learn more.

Yoga Training

Since 1998 I have been practicing and studying yoga and meditation. My diverse training in yoga, Buddhist meditation, and the healing arts has been with master teachers all over the world.

My over 1000 hours of Yoga Alliance certified teacher's training coursework is in Ashtanga Vinyasa (It's Yoga), Chakra Yoga (Pyramid Yoga), Healer's Yoga (Pyramid Yoga), and the Wisdom Method (Wisdom Method School of Yoga). These trainings included in depth studies of hatha, pranayama, gnana, raja, yantra, mantra, karma, chiqitsa, and bhakti yoga styles. In addition, I have a 500 hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification with Chakra Yoga and my 700-hr Yoga Therapy Certification with the Wisdom Method School of Yoga.

My yogic healing studies included hatha yoga for health rejuvenation, pranayama for mind and body connection, laya yoga energy techniques for healing, quantum sound therapy, and studies in the psychology and physiology of disease. I have over 200 hours of training in Healer's Yoga with David Goulet of the Pyramid Yoga Center in Thailand and the Philippines

My yoga therapy studies included holistic nutrition, Ayuvedic cooking, Ayurvedic yoga, pranayama, condition-specific yoga therapy, structural therapy & kinesthetic intelligence, postural & movement evaluation, fascial retraining, yin yoga, restorative yoga, and yoga nidra.

I also have in-depth training in yoga therapeutics, Anusara, and vinyasa yoga with Elizabeth Linton, Emma Warmington, and Ashton Szabo. I was initiated into Kriya Yoga at the Kriya Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh, India and also studied yogic sun-gazing and Ayurvedic healing while in India.


My healing arts expertise includes Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing Master and Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, studying under Judith Ahnika Paul. I am certified in Traditional Thai Yoga Massage and Movement Dysfunction. These healing modalities are non-invasive and intuitively offered to clients when using the BioMat or during private sessions.


My main meditation practice over the last 16 years has been Buddhist insight meditation, or Vipassana meditation. I have attended dozens of silent meditation and all-day yoga and meditation retreats, including a number of Buddhist silent retreats in Thailand. Over the years I have assisted the facilitation of multiple silent retreats with Long Beach Meditation and continue to incorporate meditation in my yoga classes and with private students.

In my experience, meditation is a necessary part of human life. We need meditation to cultivate wisdom, love, and presence. Ultimately, meditation allows us to connect to our true selves and find peace.


email or phone 413.591.8538
Located at 940 South Main St., Suite 2, Great Barrington, MA.

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